National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition - 2014

On behalf of the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition, I would like to take this  opportunity to express, our appreciation for Congressman Doug Lamborn’s willingness to continue to serve our nation in the US House of Representatives and to support those who answered America’s call to duty. His leadership and patriotism are especially needed in the House of Representatives at this particular time in our history when our beloved country is at risk, not only from foreign terrorists, but also from domestic advocates of extreme social and economic ‘reform’ and the weaklings who fail to confront them. Accordingly, the Board of the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition was polled and has unanimously approved the endorsement of his candidacy.

The Coalition consists of 70 veterans organizations and veterans advocacy groups which represent over 250,000 veterans and, along with their family members and supporters, a significant portion of America’s voting population. Please recognize that national security is the Coalition’s primary objective. As veterans, we served to protect our nation and, although we are concerned about veterans issues, we continue to be focused on “What can we do for our country?”

We are grateful for Congressman Lamborn’s support of legislation related to the proper care treatment and recognition of members of our armed forces and our veterans. However, legislation pertaining to national security issues, the elimination of terrorism and the terrorists, especially the obliteration of ISIS, the security of our nation’s borders, the prevention of illegal immigration and of amnesty for illegal aliens, the repeal of Obamacare, the achievement of US energy independence, the restoration of the US economy, the preservation of Second Amendment rights, the survival of our ally, Israel, and the elimination of human rights violations by repressive communist and Islamic regimes is extremely important to us. As defenders of our nation and human freedom, how could we feel otherwise?

We wish Congressman Lamborn success in his campaign and look forward to his continued service to our nation as a member of the United States House of Representatives.


John J. Molloy, OSJ
National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition

National Federation of Independent Business Endorses Congressman Doug Lamborn - 2014

Congressman Lamborn has been endorsed for reelection by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), a nationwide network of over 350,000 members that advocates on behalf of state and federal issues vital to the survival of businesses as the economic engine and job creators of America.

"What is important to stress is that Congressman Lamborn has been an unwavering supporter of Main Street on issues specific to small business. He has a stellar, 100% voting record on small business issues in Congress. And that's important, because it bears reminding everyone that small businesses employ the majority of working Americans, generate almost all new jobs, but have distinctly different difficulties in remaining solvent than big businesses." - Tony Gagliardi, NFIB State Director

National Right to Life endorses Congressman Doug Lamborn - 2014

National Right to Life is pleased to endorse Congressman Doug Lamborn for the re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives.

During the 113th Congress, Congressman Lamborn has earned a perfect 100% pro-life voting record in the scorecard issued by National Right to Life.

Congressman Lamborn voted to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 1797), legislation to protect unborn children from abortion after 20 weeks, a point by which the unborn child is capable of experiencing great pain when being killed by dismemberment or other late abortion techniques.

Congressman Lamborn voted for the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 7), a bill that would establish a permanent, government-wide policy against funding abortions or health plans that cover abortions.

Congressman Lamborn voted for H.R. 45, a measure to repeal the Obama healthcare law - a law which provides government funding for insurance plans that pay for abortion on demand, and will lead to the rationing of lifesaving medical treatments.

All voters who are concerned with the right to life and with the protection of the most vulnerable members of the human family should vote to return Congressman Doug Lamborn to Congress, so that he can continue to work to advance vital pro-life public policies.

Congressman Lamborn has been endorsed for reelection by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste. - 2014

CCAGW has a mission to support political candidates who will fight to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in government and represent the best interests of taxpayers.

That's why CCAGW PAC Chairman Tom Schatz says that Congressman Lamborn has..."served the citizens of Colorado with great distinction."

"His abiding commitment to fiscal conservatism is one of the many reasons that I urge Coloradans to vote for Congressman Lamborn so that he can return to Washington, D.C. to protect the interests of both his constituents and all Americans."

Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition - 2014

Congressman Lamborn has been endorsed for reelection by the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition (PPFC), a leading gun rights organization that played a lead role in recalling State Senator John Morse.

When PPFC looks to endorse candidates, they ask, "how effective will that candidate be in building coalitions and working with others to support or oppose legislation?  

It matters little how strongly a person feels about our rights if they cannot win others to their point of view."  

That's why Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition has chosen a Second Amendment leader like Congressman Doug Lamborn.

Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum - 2014

Congressman Lamborn has been endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum. Eagle Forum is a leading pro-family conservative public policy organization.

"Doug Lamborn has been an exemplary congressman. When the pro-family agenda needs a champion in Congress, we know we can count on Doug. From his commitment to local control of education to his work on behalf of religious liberty, Doug understands the importance of traditional values to our nation's well-being. He has worked tirelessly in Congress to strengthen them.

Doug Lamborn's record demonstrates his belief that life must be protected at all stages. As a sponsor or cosponsor of over fifty pieces of pro-life legislation, Doug has been a leader in protecting the unborn. To build and maintain a culture that respects life and promotes the family, we need people like Doug in Washington. He has been a faithful conservative. If the Fifth District reelects him, we would all enjoy the results of his good work."

Our Democrat opponent has called the label pro-life "too simplistic". We need a strong champion for our values in Congress, not someone who is going to be hesitant about the fundamental issue of life.

American Conservative Union - 2014

Congressman Lamborn has been endorsed for reelection by the American Conservative Union (ACU), the nation's oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization.

"Congressman Lamborn's ACU lifetime rating of 98% over seven years is one of the highest in Congress and reflects an outstanding commitment to conservative principles on a wide variety of issues. His defeat would be a loss to conservatives in the House." - Larry Hart, Director of Government Relations

Colorado Citizens for Life - 2014

Congressman Lamborn has been endorsed for reelection by Colorado Citizens for Life, a statewide pro-life group representing over 37,000 families.

That's why Executive Director Sarah Zagorski commends Congressman Lamborn's 100% pro-life voting record.

"By voting pro-life, Congressman Lamborn is voting pro-woman because women deserve better than abortion. No matter how you package abortion, women are realizing that it's a damaging choice, not just for the unborn child, but for their family as well. Thousands of women have revealed to the world what choice brought them: physical and emotional pain, regret and years of heartache." - Sarah Zagorski, Executive Director for Colorado Citizens for Life

FreedomWorks Endorses Congressman Lamborn - 2014

Congressman Lamborn has been endorsed for reelection by one of the leading conservative organizations in America, FreedomWorks. With their motto of "Lower Taxes. Less Government. More Freedom." the robust, volunteer-oriented team at FreedomWorks only supports the most proven and battle-tested elected officials. 

That's why FreedomWorks PAC believes Doug Lamborn is the clear choice for Coloradans looking to preserve individual freedom and rein in Washington's out-of-control spending.

A true conservative, Lamborn holds a 94 percent lifetime score on the FreedomWorks Scorecard of Economic Freedom. Lamborn has never voted for a bailout or a tax increase, and was rated "Most Conservative Representative" multiple times by National Journal Magazine. He has been relentless in his opposition to ObamaCare, with repeated votes to repeal, defund, and delay the government takeover of the health insurance market.

FreedomWorks PAC President Matt Kibbe commented, "Doug Lamborn is a principled leader with a proven record of supporting individual freedoms and opposing big government spending. Compromising on principle is not the solution to our country's fiscal crisis. We can trust Doug Lamborn to continue rejecting special interests and to double down on his work towards tax relief for future generations."

Congressman Lamborn is Endorsed
by FRC Action - 2014

Noted conservative organization the Family Research Council says, “Congressman Lamborn's consistent record while in the U.S. House of Representatives on the issues of the family is to be commended. The votes he has cast on the life issue reflect his concern for mother and child and his support for marriage as between one man and one woman is strongly supported by the majority of Americans. We are confident that Congressman Lamborn will continue to be a strong advocate for limited government, for individual liberties, and for traditional family values. We are pleased to, once again, offer our endorsement."

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce - 2014

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, representing over three million businesses across the nation says, "On behalf of the world's largest business federation representing the interests of more than three million businesses and organizations of every size, sector, and region, we are pleased to inform you the the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors has endorsed Congressman Doug Lamborn for the U.S. House of Representatives. It is the Chamber's goal to help elect a pro-business majority in Congress and work diligently in support of interests of businesses to advance legislation that encourages economic growth, job creation, and a less intrusive federal government. Congressman Lamborn's record of support on pro-business issues earned this endorsement. In today's economy, it is critical that Members of Congress provide strong support of free enterprise and leadership for policies that will return the United States to its full growth potential. We believe that Congressman Lamborn's re-election to the U.S House of Representatives will help produce sustained economic growth, help create jobs, and get our country back on track."

American Conservative Union - 2014

Founded over 50 years ago, the American Conservative Union (ACU) is one of the oldest and most prestigious conservative organizations in the country. "Conservatives have a responsibility to fight the out-of-control growth of government in Congress. We are proud to honor the fine work of Congressman Lamborn in that battle," said ACU Chairman Al Cardenas.

According to ACU Foundation Chairman Carly Fiorina, "The 2013 Ratings show a continued commitment by Congressman Lamborn to the conservative principles that will contribute to the revitalization of America." Congressman Lamborn earned the highest ACU ranking in the entire Colorado Congressional Delegation.

Dr. James Dobson Endorses Congressman Doug Lamborn - 2012 - Present

James Dobson"Speaking as a private individual, it is with confidence and enthusiasm that I endorse the nomination and re-election of Doug Lamborn for the United States Congress, Colorado District 05.  His voting record as a true conservative has never wavered since taking office.  He was credited with a 100% voting record by the Conservative Union, the Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, and a 99% rating for the third year in a row by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste  This organization also named him Taxpayer Hero.  His voting record against government spending was the highest in the Colorado Congressional Delegation. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce awarded him with the Annual Spirit of Enterprise Award.

In addition to Congressman Lamborn’s record as a fiscal conservative, he has consistently voted in support of all conservative social issues.  Again, he received a 100% congressional scorecard from the Family Research Council and earned their “True Blue” award for his key House votes on pro-family issues.  He opposed the Confirmation of Judge Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, and joined with 78 Members of Congress in urging President Obama not to overturn the Mexico City policy which separates abortion and family planning in America’s foreign aid programs.  

Lamborn is a committed Christian, and he has participated every year in the observance of the National Day of Prayer.  From my perspective, he is one of our finest Members of Congress and I ask my fellow Coloradans to send him back to Washington for another term.  He is a good husband and father whom I respect highly."

James C. Dobson, Ph.D.

Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition Endorsement - 2014

The Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition’s Political Action Committee has endorsed Representative Doug Lamborn for reelection to the US Congress. 

The PAC steering committee recognized Congressman Lamborn’s superior knowledge and commitment to the support of Second Amendment rights including firearm ownership, concealed carry, and hunting.

We further appreciate the strong support that Congressman Lamborn has given to our military, which defends those rights, by procuring the funding for training and equipment.  We appreciate that he does more than his part to insure that our family members, friends, and fellow citizens have the tools to succeed and survive the current conflicts.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has presented Congressman Doug Lamborn with the "Spirit of Enterprise Award" for his strong pro-business voting record. - 2014

"This award recognizes those lawmakers who have demonstrated leadership on important business issues such as trade, investment, and transportation. Representative Lamborn has proven to be an effective ally to the business community, supporting legislation that helps grow the economy and creates new jobs for hardworking Americans. The Chamber is grateful for Doug’s commitment to these important issues and is proud to present him with this award." - Tom Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Republican National Coalition for Life has endorsed Congressman Doug Lamborn for his dedication to pro-life principles and active role in seeking to turn pro-life principles into public policy. The Republican National Coalition for Life supports candidates who agree with the Platform position the Republican Party has held since 1976 which states in part; "the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed," and calls for enactment of a human life amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

2014 General Election Endorsements

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

Americans For Legal Immigration

American Conservative Union

Eagle Forum

House Conservatives Fund (RSC)

National Federation of Independent Businesses

National Rifle Association

National Right to Life

FreedomWorks PAC

Family Research Council Action

US Chamber of Commerce

Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition

Republican National Coalition for Life

Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce

Concerned Women for America

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Networking for Christ

Republicans for Life

El Paso County Tea Party

Colorado Citizens for Life

US Immigration Reform Political Action Committee

Dr. James Dobson

Jeff Crank - Conservative Activist

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