JeffCrankWho I'd Vote for at the 5th Congressional Assembly

Dear 5th CD Delegates & Alternates:

With the recent decision by Bentley Rayburn to run for Congress against Doug Lamborn, I’ve had many friends and supporters ask me who I will be supporting for Congress.

As you know, I ran against both of these men in 2006 and 2008 – and was honored to win the 5th Congressional assembly both times.  I know both of these men well having been through two tough and difficult campaigns.  I’ve moved on in the years since then to continue to fight for freedom and liberty through my work with groups like Americans for Prosperity and my talk show on KVOR.  These issues are the fight of our lifetime and I will continue to do what I can to advance our shared cause.

While I haven’t always agreed with Doug Lamborn on every issue or decision, Doug has voted the right way while in Congress on the most critical issues that face our country.  He has stood firm against increasing debt on future generations and he has voted against wasteful government spending.  He has voted against the largest expansion of government since the war on poverty began – Obamacare.  We must win the battle to defeat Obamacare and those who want to expand government simply to collapse the free-market system so they can replace it with a nanny state.  There can be no doubt Doug Lamborn has been a reasonably solid vote on these issues.

Furthermore, integrity and character are important.  My late mom and dad drilled into me that you will be judged by character, honesty and integrity above all else.  For me, Washington is filled with politicians who do not live up to those traits and I must take character into account when deciding who to support for any political office.

While I won’t get into specifics here, I’ll simply say that I don’t believe Bentley Rayburn possesses the character to serve in elected office.  There is no doubt that the record will bear out such a statement under scrutiny.  I’m happy to have a private discussion with anyone who wants to learn about the facts.

While I am not a delegate or alternate to the 5th Congressional District Assembly, I have had many emails and phone calls from past supporters asking me who I would support.  I wanted to make sure that you knew that if I was a delegate to the assembly, I would be voting for Doug Lamborn.


Jeff Crank


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