Leadership for the Fifth Congressional District

"As Congress works through its budgetary process, I have taken the opportunity to inform the Appropriations Committee of the priorities of the Fifth Congressional District. As a leader in Congress, I will take every opportunity to fight for the principles we hold dear."

Congressman Lamborn....

  • Met with members of the Appropriations Committee to stress the importance of the military to the Fifth Congressional District. Following these discussions, the Committee decided to allocate all of Colorado's Military Construction money to the Fifth Congressional Districts. Projects that will be constructed with this funding include: buildings supporting Fort Carson's new Combat Aviation Brigade, a new Army Reserve training facility at Fort Carson, and a new dental clinic at Peterson Air Force Base.
  • Recommended “prioritizing funding for proactive forest management measures including hazardous fuels reduction and fire mitigation."
  • Requested that "funding be prohibited" for implementation of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. This will ensure that no federal agencies or law enforcement organizations will be able to prosecute Americans on the basis of this illegal treaty. 
  • Requested "adequate protections for long-standing civil rights and religious freedoms" and "nothing short of a full religious and moral exemption for both non-profit and for-profit entities" in order to "satisfy the demands of the Constitution and common sense."
  • Requested "language ending taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc."
  • Requested that "abstinence language" be included in Health and Human Services sex education programs. 
  • Requested support for the "cost-effective and high-quality primary and preventive health care" provided by Community Health Centers such as Peak Vista in Colorado Springs.