• Barack Obama’s defense cuts and the disastrous sequester policies have had a very negative
    impact on our military capabilities, training, and readiness
  • The December Budget deal had to be addressed before even more defense
    cuts took place on January 15th
  • Amendments were not permitted to the Budget deal
  • The choice came down to $31 billion over two years for our active duty friends and neighbors at Fort Carson, Peterson, Schriever, Cheyenne Mountain, and the Air Force Academy versus $6 billion over ten years for veterans Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
  • This Sophie’s Choice was my most difficult vote in Congress
  • I support our military in every way possible and I believe that we are morally obligated to
    support those who are going into harm’s way ahead of all else
  • Military commanders locally and nationally have spoken of the importance of these
    funds for our active duty military
  • Some of the losses caused by defense sequestration are classified so that enemies won’t know
    our weaknesses, but only 1 of 45 Brigade Combat Teams is combat ready today
  • COLA changes to working-age military retirees (those below the age of 62) would have not
    take effect until 2016
  • Congress had two years to restore full COLA benefits to our veterans, it was done in two months and
    Congressman Lamborn cast the very first vote in the House to restore full COLA benefits