Once again, the President is exceeding the limits of his authority and is using his "pen and his phone" to bypass Congress and implement the Common Core education system. This deeply flawed system moves parents further and further away from the education of their children and stands poised to lower the educational standards of the next generation of American leaders, job creators, and innovators. - Congressman Doug Lamborn

Common Core Flaws

  • Unfunded mandate to the tune of $16 billion dollars (this low-end estimate would have to be paid by taxpayers in each state throughout the country).
  • This is the first time that the federal government has attempted to standardize classroom content all over the country.
  • Allows the Executive Branch to bribe the states into compliance with dangerously ineffective teaching policies.
  • Will cause great harm to our math outcomes which already lag behind many other nations. For example, students are encouraged to estimate totals of large number sets, rather than doing the necessary work to solve the problem. How is this sort of "education" supposed to keep America the preeminent nation in the world?
  • We've all seen the failure of centralized, government controlled health care, we must not allow the Federal government to gain control over the education of our children.

Congressman Lamborn's Actions Against Common Core

  • The start-up funding for Common Core (almost $100 billion dollars) came from President Obama's so-called Stimulus Act, which Congressman Lamborn adamantly opposed.
  • Congressman Lamborn opposes "Race to the Top" Department of Education funding, the gateway to Common Core.
  • Congressman Lamborn has consistently cosponsored and voted for legislation to return more money and more educational control to state and local governments. The Congressman opposes single-size, national standards to the various education problems that exist throughout our diverse nation. He believes that local leadership and control will be key to stopping the implementation of Common Core. 
  • The most direct and most effective way to stop Common Core will be at the state level, which is why Congressman Lamborn has strongly endorsed and supported Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education, Paul Lundeen, for election to the Colorado State House. Paul is a leading critic of Common Core and is poised to play a leadership role in stopping its implementation in Colorado.

Congressman Lamborn's Education Philosophy

  • The best people to make education policy are parents and teachers, not unelected, elitist bureaucrats in Washington. Education should be a local and state matter, not a federal issue.
  • Parents should receive a tax credit, equal to the cost of educating a child in the public school system, to encourage competition in the educational market, thereby forcing a market-driven improvement in public schools.
  • Because of this belief, Congressman Lamborn has cosponsored and voted for legislation that would:
    - provide incentives to encourage charter school expansion.
    - allow states to opt out of the too-many-strings-attached federal education funding programs that lead to the implementation of Common Core.
    - limit federal education regulations.
    - allow states to receive federal education funding in a block grant format so that state leaders, parents, and local teachers can best decide how to educate in their communities.