Blue Lives Matter, pure and simple.

Star Parker

A great El Paso County Lincoln Day Dinner with Guest Speaker, Star Parker.

That's why I stood up and fought back against the vile, disgusting, sickening, anti-police propaganda that was masquerading as "art" in the US Capitol.

Left wing radicals want to hide behind the First Amendment when they defend this stomach-churning painting that depicts police officers as pigs.

Well guess what? The First Amendment is a two way street. I exercised my right of expression by standing up for police officers and their families by taking that painting down off the wall.

Even though the painting has now been permanently removed, Democrats won't give up in their efforts to tear down authority and drag our nation's finest institutions through the muck on their way down.

There is more work to be done defending the values and principles of our great nation. The fight must continue before it's too late.

I need your help to stand strong and defeat the wealthy elites funding assaults on common sense and American decency. Any amount you send will go directly to fighting for American values and virtues in this moment of peril.