Congressman Doug Lamborn


2014-2016 Legislative Highlights

• Architect of the largest tax cut in Colorado history

• Responsible for bringing a new national veterans cemetery to the Pikes Peak Region

• Pushed for the new community based outpatient clinic for our veterans

• Fully legalized the use of the Manitou Incline

• Strong advocate for increased defense spending in a dangerous world

• Ensured that our local military installations gain missions and avoid drastic cutbacks

• Voted against the dangerous nuclear deal with Iran

• Unwavering supporter of Israel

• Fighting for the abolition of the IRS and impeachment of the IRS Commissioner

• Voted to shut down the Export-Import Bank

• Voted against Speaker Boehner’s bloated, trillion dollar year-end budget deal

• Voted to fully repeal and replace Obamacare

• Voted to defund and stop Barack Obama’s unconstitutional illegal immigrant amnesty programs

• Voted to eliminate taxpayer funding for abortion and Planned Parenthood

• Voted to repeal No Child Left Behind

• Voted to reduce government regulations and lower the tax burden on American families

• Strongly upholding the 2nd Amendment

Proven Conservative Record

• Family Research Council: 100% Lifetime Rating

• American Conservative Union: 98% Lifetime Rating

• Club For Growth: 97% Lifetime Rating

• NumbersUSA: 90% Lifetime Rating

• FreedomWorks: 100% 2016, 94% Lifetime Rating

• NRA and GOA: “A” Rating

• Heritage Action: 93% 2016, 90% Lifetime Rating

• Americans For Prosperity: 100% 2016, 97% Lifetime Rating

• National Right to Life: 100% 2016, 100% Lifetime Rating

• Citizens Against Government Waste: 93% 2015, 95% Lifetime Rating

Committee and Caucus Assignments

• Member of House Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and Natural Resources Committees

• Vice Chairman of the Strategic Forces subcommittee on Armed Services

• Chairman of the subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources on Natural Resources

• Co-Chair of the Israel Allies Caucus, the Missile Defense Caucus, and the Directed Energy Caucus

Congressman Lamborn has passed more legislation and had more legislation signed into law than any other member of the Colorado Congressional delegation.